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PhD Students, Habilitations and MSc Students

My former collaborators, total: 61, including 47 doctoral theses, 11 post-docs and 3 habilitations, are presently at elite engineering schools in Paris (Ecole Centrale Paris, Ecole des Ponts Paris, ESTP), institutes of technology (MIT-Boston, PEER/UC-Berkeley, ZHAW -Zurich University of Applied Sciences, TU Braunschweig, UTC-Compiègne, INSA-Toulouse), French universities (University Paris X, University Lille 1, University de Nantes) and large industry groups, (AREVA, EDF, Lafarge, Renault) ;

Among my former students there are professors in 12 different countries: France, Mexico, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Vietnam, Algeria, Bosnia, Croatia, Hungary, Turkey, Netherlands, Spain.

Co-supervisor to:

Current doctoral students:
  1. M.S. Sarfaraz, ‘Stochastic non-local material models of irreversible behaviour’ Int. Res. Train Group DFG-Graduiertenkollegs IGK 1627, (thesis co-supervised with Prof. H. Matthies, TU Braunschweig, Germany)
  2. G. Grozdanic, ‘Numerical modelling of crack initiation and propagation in reinforced glass structures under static and dynamic loads’, thesis co-supervised with M. Galic
  3. S. Ljukovac, ‘New Wind-Turbine Technology in Domain of Renewable Energy’, thesis co-supervised with M. Cohodar
  4. M. Lucci Sanchez, ‘New shell models for flexible wind-turbine blades’, thesis co-supervised with P. Pimenta
  5. H. Rana, ‘New multiscale models for fatigue failure of composite structures under variable transient loading’
  6. G. Canario Gomes, ‘Dynamics of new shell models for flexible wind-turbine blades’, thesis co-supervised with P. Pimenta
Current post-doctoral researchers:
  1. R.A. Mejia, ‘Vibration Control for Smart Systems and Structures’, post-doc at UTC co-supervised with R. Lozano, N. Limnios

Completed collaborations
Former doctoral students:
  1. M. Al Mikdad, doctoral thesis on ‘Static and dynamic analysis of frame structures in large rotations and nonlinear instability problems’ (thesis defended on April 24, 1998 at UTC) [currently research engineer at software company SAMTECH, France]
  2. F. Gharzeddine, doctoral thesis on ‘Formulation and numerical implementation of large deformation plasticity’, (thesis defended on May 31, 1999 at UTC) [currently research engineer at RENAULT, France]
  3. P. Courtois, doctoral thesis on ‘Modeling of shell structures in large rotations’ (thesis defended on December 20, 1999 at UTC) [currently lecturer at Univ. Nice]
  4. S. Mamouri, doctoral thesis on ‘Nonlinear dynamics of structures and multibody systems’ (thesis defended on January 31, 2000 at UTC) [currently Professor and Rector of Univ. Bechar, Algeria & research engineer employed by software company, Altair, USA/France]
  5. L. Chorfi, doctoral thesis on ‘Thermomechanical coupling and localization problems at large viscoplastic deformations’ (thesis defended on May 29, 2000 at UTC)  [currently research engineer at Micropole-Univers, Paris, France]
  6. O. Bayard, doctoral thesis on ‘Multiscale modeling of fibre reinforced concrete composites’ (thesis defended on January 16, 2003 at ENS)  [currently research engineer at Lafarge, France]
  7. G. Casaux, doctoral thesis on ‘3D effects in earthquake engineering for RC structures’ (thesis defended on November 12, 2003 at ENS) [currently lecturer at INSA-Toulouse, France]
  8. D. Brancherie, doctoral thesis on ‘Continuum and discrete models for localized fracture of ductile and brittle materials’. (thesis defended on December 17, 2003 at ENS)  [currently Professor at UTC Compiègne, France]
  9. J.B. Colliat, doctoral thesis on ‘Thermodynamics coupling and fire resistance of brittle structures’ (thesis defended on December 19, 2003 at ENS) [currently Professor at University Lille 1, France]
  10. D. Markovic, doctoral thesis on ‘Multiscale analysis of inelastic nonlinear behavior of heterogeneous structures’ (thesis defended on June 11, 2004 at ENS)  [currently research engineer at EDF, SEPTEN Lyon, France]
  11. N. Dominguez, doctoral thesis on ‘Theoretical and numerical studies of bond-slip phenomena, (thesis defended on July 1, 2005 at ENS) [currently Dean for Research ESIA and Professor at IPN – Polytechnic National Institute, Mexico City, Mexico]
  12. G. Hervé, doctoral thesis on ‘Choc resistance analysis and design of RC structures’, (thesis defended on October 28, 2005 at ENS) [currently research engineer at EDF/ professeur ESTP, Paris, France]
  13. S. Dolarevic, doctoral thesis on ‘Soil mechanics CAP plasticity model and soil-structure interaction’, (thesis defended on December 21, 2005) [currently Dean of Civil Eng. and Professor employed at University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina]
  14. S. Melnyk, doctoral thesis on ‘Multiscale modeling approach and optimal design of engineering materials with inelastic behavior’ (thesis defended on November 2, 2007) [currently research engineer at group GSE, Avignon, France]
  15. A. Kucerova, doctoral thesis on ‘Inverse problems and mechanics parameter identification from structural testing’, (thesis defended on November 27, 2007) [currently Professor at University of Prague, Checz Republic]
  16. M. Hautefeuille, doctoral thesis on ‘A numerical modeling strategy for heterogeneous materials: multiscale and component-based approach’, (thesis defended on April 3, 2009) [currently research engineer at Bloomberg LP, New York, USA]
  17. A. Boulkertous, doctoral thesis on ‘Fire resistance models of massive structures capable of crack spacing computations’, (thesis defended on July 3, 2009) [currently expert employed at AREVA, France]
  18. C. Kassiotis, doctoral thesis on ‘Nonlinear fluid-structure interaction with instability phenomena concerning slender structures’, (thesis defended on November 20, 2009) [currently research engineer (Corps des Ponts) Director of ASN Nuclear Power Plant Safety Dept. / lecturer Ecole des Ponts Paris Tech, France]
  19. P. Jehel, doctoral thesis on ‘Modeling and identification of damping phenomena for frame-like structures’, (thesis defended on December 10, 2009) [currently lecturer at Ecole Centrale Paris, France]
  20. B.H. Pham, doctoral thesis on ‘Novel design methods for high-raise structures in statics and dynamics’, (thesis defended on December 15, 2009) [currently Professor at Hanoi Architecture University and Secretary of Minister of Construction, Vietnam]
  21. J. Dujc, doctoral thesis on ‘Modeling and computation of ultimate limit load for complex plate and shell structures’, (thesis defended on May 6, 2010) [currently Research Engineer at Zurich University of Applied Science, Winterthur, Switzerland]
  22. N. Benkemoun, doctoral thesis on ‘Enhanced models for cracking phenomena in concrete and double porosity based permeability test computations’, (thesis  defended on December 10, 2010) [currently Lecturer at University of Nantes, France]
  23. U. Bohinc, doctoral thesis on ‘Structural mechanics, model adaptivity and error estimates’, (thesis  defended on May 5, 2011) [currently research engineer, National Institute for Civil Engineering ZAG, Slovenia]
  24. N. Friedman, doctoral thesis on ‘Investigation of highly flexible deployable structures: review, identification, control, application’, (thesis  defended on December 9, 2011) [currently Lecturer at University of Budapest, Hungary]
  25. C. Barthes, ‘Numerical multi-scale models for seismic behavior of reinforced-concrete structures and damage identification’, (thesis  defended on May 15, 2012) [currently research engineer at Earthquake Eng. Research Center, Richmond, University of California, Berkeley, USA]
  26. B. Rosic, ‘Variational formulation and functional approximation algorithms in stochastic plasticity of materials’, (thesis  defended on November 16, 2012) [currently Professor at Univ. Twente, Netherlands)
  27. B. Ayhan, ‘Damage assessment of civil engineering structures under extreme dynamic loading’, (thesis  defended on March 7, 2013) [currently Professor at Technical Univ. Istanbul, Turkey)
  28. V.M. Ngo, ‘Localized Failure for Coupled Thermo-Mechanics Problems: Applications to Steel, Concrete and Reinforced Concrete’, (thesis  defended on December 6, 2013) [currently Professor at Univ. of Com. and Transport, Hanoi,Vietnam]
  29. E. Marenic, ‘Atomistic-to-continuum modeling in solid mechanics’, (thesis  defended on December 11, 2013) [currently lecturer at  INSA Toulouse, France]
  30. M. Jukic, ‘Finite elements for modeling of localized failures in reinforced concrete’, (thesis  defended on December 13, 2013) [currently research engineering at  Institut for Structures, Ljubljana, Slovenia)
  31. M. Nikolic, ‘Rock mechanics, failure phenomena with pre-existing cracks and internal fluid-flow through cracks’, (thesis  defended on September 28, 2015) [currently Professor at Univ. Split, Croatia]
  32. X.N. Do, ‘Localized failure in dynamics for brittle and ductile materials’, (thesis defended on May 24, 2017) [currently post-doc at Université de Lorraine, Nancy, France]
  33. I. Imamovic,  ‘Ultimate load limit analysis of steel frames accounting for nonlinear behavior of connections’, (thesis defended on September 22, 2017) [currently Professor employed at University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina]
  34. A. Stanic, ‘Novel arc-length method for solid and structural problems that take into account material failure, (thesis defended on December 7, 2017)[currently post-doc at   TU Braunschweig, Germany]
  35. A. Elhoucine, ‘Controlled Collapse and Demolition of Massive Structure in an Urban Area’, (thesis defended on April 30, 2018)[currently lecturer at   Univ. Bechar, Algeria]
  36. A. Boujelben, ‘Giant Offshore Wind-Turbine: Dynamic analysis of large motion of flexible blades’, (thesis defended on November 15, 2018)[currently lecturer at University of Reims, France]
  37. T. Rukavina, ‘Fiber Reinforced Concrete Modeling with Parameter Identification’, (thesis defended on December 17, 2018)[currently research engineer at Orane (Areva), Paris,  France]
  38. S. Grbcic, ‘Configuration-dependent Approximation in Non-linear Finite-element Analysis of Structures’, (thesis defended on December 18, 2018)[currently research engineer at Siemens, Bruxelles,  Belgium]
  39. E. Karavelic, ‘Stochastic Galerkin Finite Element Method in Application to Identification Problems for Failure Models Parameters in Heterogeneous Material’, (thesis defended on September 17, 2019) [currently lecturer employed at University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina]
  40. E. Hadzalic, ‘Analysis of pore-pressure influence on failure mechanism structural systems’, (thesis defended on September 17, 2019) [currently lecturer employed at University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina]
  41. P. Moreno Navarro, ‘‘Multiphysics Formulation and Multiscale Finite Element Discretizations of Thermo-Electro-Magneto-Mechanic Coupling for Smart Materials Design’, (thesis defended on December 13, 2019), [currently lecturer employed at University Polytecnique Valencia, Spain]
  42. E. Hajdo, ‘Geometric and material nstability with thermomechanical coupling’, (thesis defended on December 23, 2019) [currently lecturer employed at University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina]
  43. A.R. Mejia, ‘Vibration Control for Smart Systems and Structures’, (thesis defended on December 11, 2020) [currently post-doc employed at UTC Compiegne, France]
  44. I. Rukavina, ‘Cyber-Physical Intrinsic Modelling for Smart Systems’, (thesis defended on January 29, 2021)[currently research engineer at EXPLEO, Paris, France]
  45. C.U. Nguyen, ‘Hybrid Stress Visco-plasticity: Formulation, Discrete Approximation, and Stochastic Identification’, (thesis defended on February 15, 2022)[currently research engineer at AUTO-FORM, Germany]
  46. S. Dobrilla, ‘A Study on Identifiability of Fracture Properties of Concrete Given Experimental Data’, (thesis defended on July 14, 2022) [currently post-doc, TU-Braunschweig, Germany]
  47. S. Suljevic, ‘New approach to composite material modeling under extreme mechanical and thermal loading’, (thesis defended on June 27, 2023) [currently lecturer employed at University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina]

Former post-doctoral researchers:
  1. I. Kozar, post-doc on ‘Structures undergoing large rotations’ (post-doc at EPFL, from January 1 to June 30, 1994, funded by Swiss scholarship for young professors) [currently Professor and Dean of Civil Engineering employed by Civil Engineering Department, University of Rijeka, Croatia]
  2. I. Gresovnik, post-doc on ‘Optimization problems in nonlinear mechanics’ (post-doc at ENS-Cachan, from April 1, 2003 to March 31, 2004 with Maire Curie scholarship CE – CONTRAT N° HPMF-CT-2002-02130) [currently research engineer employed by C3M, Ljubljana, Slovenia]
  3. D. Markovic, post-doc on ’Multiscale models in dynamics and model reduction’, (post-doc at ENS-Cachan, from July 1, 2004 to October 31, 2005 funded by NATO in collaboration with UC Boulder, USA) [currently research engineer at SEPTEN, EDF, Lyon, France]
  4. B.H. Pham, post-doc on ‘Reinforced-concrete finite element model capable of prediciting crack-spacing and thermomechanical coupling’, (post-doc at ENS-Cachan, from May 1 to December 1, 2010, funded by ANR, France) [currently professor at Hanoi Architecture University and Secretary of Minister of Construction, Vietnam]
  5. J. Dujc, post-doc on ‘Modeling and computations of benchmark Sandia’, (post-doc at ENS-Cachan, from June 15 to December 15, 2010, funded by IRSN, France) [currently Research Engineer at Zurich University of Applied Science, Winterthur, Slovenia]
  6. E. Marenic, post-doc on ‘Cyber-physical modelling for smart system-of-systems’, (pos-doc at UTC/ Labex MS2T, from October 1 2015 to September 30, 2016) [currently Lecturer at INSA Toulouse, France]
  7. M. Nikolic, ‘OLLA Overhead Lines Lifetime Assessment’, post-doc funded by Eurobios/ RTE  [currently Professor at University of Split, Croatia]
  8. I. Imamovic,  ‘Heterogeneous Multiscale Method’, post-doc funded by PER SU [currently Professor employed at University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina]
  9. C. Granja, ‘Modelling the Rupture of Microcapsule in Flow’, post-doc funded by Labex MS2T [currently research engineer employed at University of Zaragoza, Spain]
  10. X.N. Do, ‘Giant Offshore Wind-Turbine’, [currently post-doc at Université de Lorraine, Nancy, France]
  11. B. Ayhan, ‘Plasticity-damage models for structures’, [currently professor at Technical Université Istanbul, Turkey]
Former habilitation students:
  1. L. Davenne, habilitation in mechanics, mechanical and civil engineering on ‘Structures uner extreme conditions’, Habilitation defended on December 3, 2007, [currently Assistant Professor, University Paris X]
  2. J.B. Colliat, habilitation in mechanics, mechanical and civil engineering on ‘Numerical modeling of heterogeneous cement-based materials’, Habilitation defended on October 25, 2010, [currently Professor, University of Lille 1]
  3. D. Brancherie, habilitation in mechanics, mechanical and civil engineering on ‘Numerical modeling of ultimate load behavior of structures’, Habilitation defended on November 22, 2016, [currently Professor, UTC Compiègne-Sorbonne Universites, France]


Former invited professors:
  1. P.M. Pimenta, Capes Chair for Sorbonne Universites, 2016, [currently Professor, USP University of Sao Paulo & Sao Paulo State Academy president, Brazil]
  2. H.G. Matthies, Guy Lusac – Humboldt Research Award for France, 2017, [currently Professor, TU Bruanschweig & Niedersachsen Academy member, Germany]
  3. J.L. Perez-Aparicio, Invited professor UTC, 2018, 2021, [currently Professor, UPV University Polytecnique Valencia, Spain]
  4. B. Ayhan, Invited professor UTC, 2020 [currently Professor, ITU Istanbul Technical University, Turkey]
  5. Former MSc students

      48 Master students UT Compiègne/ Universités Sorbonne, ENS-Cachan, Univ. Sarajevo, EPFL